Nikki Haley Humiliated by “None of These”

It is an understatement to claim that the Nevada Republican Party primary is chaotic. Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was the sole candidate in this year’s primary, and she still received the fewest votes.

Only Haley and “none of these candidates” were included on the ballot for the state’s Republican primary that was conducted on February 6. The former UN ambassador received 32% of the vote, while the second choice, “none,” received 62%. Despite this, Haley was declared the primary winner since she received the most votes (as the sole candidate on the ballot)—however, she will not be granted any delegates.

The Silver State was completely ignored by Haley’s campaign. According to her campaign’s statement to USA Today, the state was set up so that Trump could win. A lot of people are critical of the situation in Nevada because of that.

The Nevada Republican Party chose not to take part in the state-run primary, which is why that happened. A caucus was instead chosen as the alternative by the party to stage a competing contest. No candidate may participate in both the primary and the caucuses. It follows that Trump is the sole GOP candidate with any chance of winning delegates.

Voters in the state-run primary were confused when they received ballots that did not have Trump’s name. According to ProPublica, several voters believed the previous president was omitted from the primary ballot due to the January 6, 2001, attack on the Capitol Building. Some others were frightened they may be indicted for participating in both the primary and the caucuses, which made them question their eligibility to do so.

The majority of her constituents are retirees, and Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant (R) noted that she spent weeks attempting to enlighten them. Aside from members of the state and county parties, she claimed to have not “heard anybody who is happy with this.”




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