New York Conservatives Call for Hochul to Remove Manhattan DA Bragg

The New York Conservative Party is calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to remove Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg following his policy pronouncement that he will not prosecute some felonies and will seek prison only in cases of homicides, assaults resulting in serious injury, domestic violence felonies, sex offenses, public corruption, and “major economic crimes.”

“If Gov. Hochul allows Mr. Bragg to remain district attorney, she’ll be signing the death warrant of an untold number of New Yorkers,” party Chairman Gerard Kassar said in a statement. “Firing him could be the most important act she makes as governor of this state.”

Bragg, a Democrat who was elected in November, replaced Cyrus Vance after 12 years and is the first nonwhite to hold the post. He controversially  announced in a memo on Jan. 3 that offenses such as marijuana misdemeanors, prostitution, resisting arrest, trespassing, and subway turnstile jumping, will no longer be prosecuted and that prosecutors should not seek bail requirements for suspects awaiting trial.

He told CBS New York that longer sentences do not deter crime or make society safer. He also emphasized that his reforms will allow attorneys more time to prosecute violent offenses.

Police organizations in the city — as well as Republican lawmakers — have excoriated Bragg for his policy declarations, calling them invitations to criminals. The Conservative Party release said Hochul has the authority to remove Bragg.

Overall crime in New York increased 21.3% in November from the previous year, the city said, with robbery up 24.1% and felony assault up 11.2%.

Car jackings were up 55% in 2021 compared with the previous year, statistics released on Thursday said, just one day after thieves struck twice in less than an hour in Manhattan.

Carjacking is up 355% in the city’s five boroughs since 2018 (112 compared to 510), 4,400% in New York’s Manhattan North precinct.

In the first two weeks of this year, the city has reported 20 carjackings alone, five in two Manhattan precincts.




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