Nail-biting Video Shows Off-duty Police Officer Attacked In His Yard

A terrifying video captures the moment an Alabama off-duty police officer was struck and killed by a Jeep. In connection with the alleged assault on the officer’s front yard, the driver was charged with attempted murder.

at or about 5:17 p.m. On Tuesday, Decatur police officer Jack Brown observed a man sitting outside his residence in a black Jeep Wrangler. When Brown asked the motorist if he needed any help, the man reportedly started swearing at the officer.

A heart-pounding doorbell camera video showed Brown barely avoiding being hit by the Jeep. The motorist hit a tree and was eventually identified as Gregory Martin Hill.

As seen in the heart-pounding footage, Brown fell to the ground but quickly got up and ran up his driveway towards his house.

Hill hurried up the driveway toward the home before turning around and running back to his car. Brown abruptly emerged from his front door brandishing a gun.

The affidavit claims that Brown told Hill to kneel down but that Hill refused.

Hill backed the Jeep onto the road despite the weapon being pointed at the driver. The camera lost sight of the truck.

Unexpectedly, Brown, who was standing in his front yard, was suddenly approached by the Jeep. The shocking video showed the off-duty policeman shooting multiple times at the Jeep as it ran him over in the front. Brown was knocked to the ground by Hill, who then turned around and ran over the policeman’s legs. Hill was not hit by any of the bullets.

Hill exited the Jeep and approached Brown. But a witness and the officer managed to restrain Hill. At the scene of the crime, other officers arrived to arrest Hill.

Brown was brought to Huntsville Hospital and later that evening was discharged.

The initial charge against Hill, 54, was second-degree assault. The allegations, though, have been raised to include attempted murder.

Charles Elliott, the circuit judge for Morgan County, set Hill’s surety at $1 million.

According to, a spokeswoman for the Decatur Police Department named Irene Cardenas-Martinez stated that there is no obvious relationship between Officer Brown and the suspect.




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