More Resignations From VP Kamala Harris Office

Kamala Harris, the Vice President, is not a popular boss. Despite being America’s second most powerful person, she can’t seem to keep her employees from resigning!

Over the last year, the VP’s office has been shaken by a series of high-profile resignations, including that of her chief representative Symone Sanders, her director of communications Ashley Etienne, and her deputy head of public relations Vincent Evans.

Harris’ remarks are written by Kate Childs Graham, a far-left, adamantly pro-abortion woman. Graham has now stated that she will be leaving the building at the end of February.

It’s unclear why Graham is leaving, but Harris says he’s looking forward to seeing what he does next.

For her whole political career, Harris has left a trail of devastation in her wake, making enemies the way the rest of us make our beds. She has a very aggressive and virulent personality that irritates a lot of people.

Harris may have had enough of Graham expressing her juvenile fantasies through her remarks and has asked her to resign. Even for Harris’ far-left tastes, Graham may have gone too far.

However, it’s possible that this is yet another case of a person resigning because the climate in Harris’ office is toxic.

The irony is that Harris is already far left-wing enough without having words forced into her mouth by a young neo-Marxist Democrat like Graham, who attended the United Nations-run University for Peace.




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