Mitt Romney Offers VP Endorsement

On March 10, Senator Mitt Romney, a retiring Republican from Utah, gave his official endorsement to Senator Katie Britt from Alabama for the vice president position. Through his Twitter profile, the former GOP presidential nominee of 2012 expressed his view that the media exaggerated their response to her State of the Union rebuttal. He even suggested that she was among the conservative figures that liberals found most formidable as a potential VP nominee.

He additionally supported her against media backlash, characterizing much of it as awkward. He clarified that her exaggerated style was effective, unlike President Joe Biden’s departure from his usual manner of speech. Romney further stated that the mainstream’s condemnation and targeting of her exemplified how Britt instilled fear among liberals and leftists within the Democratic Party.

Despite the support from the Utah Senator, both liberals and conservatives found fault with Britt’s response, particularly regarding her manner of delivery. According to several reports, while many agreed with the content of her speech, her overall presentation and speaking style failed to connect with audiences. The scrutiny surrounding the rebuttal by the Alabama Republican senator was so intense that it quickly went viral. NBC’s Saturday Night Live even featured Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson humorously impersonating her during the show’s opening sketch.

After her rebuttal, Charlie Kirk, a Trump ally and founder of Turning Point USA, voiced criticism towards Britt, suggesting that her speech didn’t meet the requirements. Through his Twitter platform, he expressed his belief that while he genuinely sees the Republican leader as a decent individual and caring mother, the manner in which she delivered her rebuttal was misguided. 

Kirk asserted that it was a misstep for Britt to adopt a tone akin to hosting a cooking show and subtly implying that Democrats fail to comprehend matters, especially after President Biden’s declaration of war on the right.

As of now, it remains uncertain whom former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump will choose as his vice president. In an interview with NBC News, his campaign senior adviser Jason Miller mentioned that the roster of potential vice-presidential candidates was expanding and becoming more extensive.




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