Military To Receive Record Breaking Pay Raise – Largest In 20 Years

President Joe Biden commonly refers to the nation’s one genuinely sacred duty as caring for the military forces personnel when we send them into combat and for them and their families once they return home.

However, his poorly executed departure from Afghanistan led to the needless deaths of countless US soldiers. Now, his government is advocating a new military pay boost that is insufficient to make up for the economic havoc his failed policies caused in the nation.

The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act was enacted by the Democratic-led House on December 8. (NDAA). The annual legislation specifies the Department of Defense’s suggested funding levels and outlays. The plan for this year authorizes $858 billion, which includes a 4.6% salary increase as well as over 30% increases in bonuses and special pay.

Unfortunately, while giving service troops and civilian employees of the Defense Department their greatest pay boost in 20 years, the NDAA is unable to fully offset the current known inflation rate of 7.7% for October.

The baseline allowance for subsistence rate, which is money granted for use by active-duty soldiers residing off-base, will grow by 11% under the 2023 NDAA. $11.5 billion to bolster US military operations in the Indo-Pacific area and $800 million to buy weapons and ammunition for Ukraine will increase Taiwan’s security.

The act also repeals the hotly debated requirement that service personnel receive certain vaccinations.




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