Mexican Cartels Appear to Be Setting Up Camp in the US

In the vicinity of San Antonio, Texas, and along the southern border, incidents of violence and loss of life are increasingly prevalent. Authorities responsible for border security and law enforcement are actively striving to safeguard the well-being of the residents. However, a disheartening consequence of this prolonged turmoil is the desensitization experienced by many.

In addition to the persistent flow of illicit fentanyl, the region grapples with issues like human trafficking, counterfeit prescription drugs, weaponry, and money laundering. Notably, the criminal cartels are establishing a deep-rooted presence within the United States, a development that some believe may pose a significant challenge to our eventual recovery.

Numerous pounds of fentanyl are entering the United States from Mexico, with some being transported by individuals referred to as “mules,” and others by U.S. citizens ensnared in addiction, desperately seeking their next dose. 

The concealment and transportation of fentanyl and methamphetamines pose significant challenges, as criminal cartels constantly endeavor to obscure the contraband and identify couriers who won’t draw suspicion. The term “mules” denotes those who clandestinely transport drugs by concealing them within their bodies.

Employees stationed at the Nogales, Arizona, border crossing express their distress at encountering individuals acting as drug couriers, spanning a wide age range, from teenagers to individuals as old as 60. These cartels tend to target individuals who are in desperate circumstances, easily swayed, and often grappling with addiction.

As reported by The Guardian in 2023, organized criminal entities in Mexico have a staggering membership tally of 175,000, ranking them as the fifth-largest employers in the country. Nevertheless, there remain concerns among experts regarding the veracity of this research, as the specifics of who was included in the count and the methodology for data collection remain uncertain. It’s noteworthy that these cartels are diversifying their activities, engaging in both legal and illegal enterprises.

Many people are deeply concerned about the level of violence used by Cartels since they do not eliminate rivals covertly. As seen by the deadly attacks reported throughout Mexico, they roll in with military-grade accuracy and equipment, killing both their targets and innocent bystanders.

Beginning in October 2023, the U.S. Due to crime and kidnapping of US citizens, the State Department has issued a warning that travelers should carefully consider going to Mexico. If US citizens intend to travel to Mexico or the border regions, they should carefully consider their plans and exercise caution.




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