Mayor Calls for Gaza Ceasefire As His City Spirals the Drain

The recent action by the Chicago City Council, urging for a ceasefire in Gaza, is criticized as a misallocation of time and taxpayer funds. Some argue that instead of focusing on international affairs, they should address the escalating violence within their own city. While council members engage in symbolic gestures, the pressing issue of increasing crime rates in Chicago remains unaddressed.

On January 31st, in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, three teenagers were shot, resulting in one fatality. As of now, authorities have not made any arrests, but they suspect that the teenagers, one of whom is under the age of 15, were intentionally singled out as targets.

The term “terrorist organization” typically refers to a group that uses violence and intimidation for political purposes. In the case of Hamas, it is designated as a terrorist organization by several countries and organizations, including the United States, the European Union, Israel, Canada, and others.

Indeed, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s tie-breaking vote didn’t alter the situation significantly. The Chicago City Council lacks the authority to influence the conflict in Gaza, as that power lies with parties directly involved. Despite the council’s resolution, the decision-makers in the conflict have their own agenda, irrespective of Chicago’s political stance. Israel has repeatedly proposed a ceasefire, contingent on Hamas releasing hostages, yet Hamas has consistently rejected these offers.

During the previous year, Chicago witnessed 647 homicides, with 567 of the victims succumbing to gun violence. In January alone, 34 individuals lost their lives to violence, while 121 others sustained gunshot injuries. The city has been experiencing an average of one homicide per day over the past week. 

Additionally, the Chicago Police Department reported responding to 37 shooting incidents between January 22nd and 28th, which is two more incidents compared to the same timeframe last year.

Between midnight and 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, the ShotSpotter automated surveillance system recorded 9,639 rounds fired in Chicago. Numerous residents of Chicago express anger towards the city council for prioritizing symbolic gestures regarding the Middle East while significant casualties occur within their own city. This frustration stems from the belief that the council could address the rampant violence in Chicago if it chose to do so.




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