MAYHEM Breaks Out – Reporters Ask Retiring Fauci Tough Questions

For what may have been the last time, Anthony Fauci spoke, and it was as terrible as you could have imagined. Everyone in the room ignored the fact that Ron DeSantis’ “little elf” was so egregiously mistaken over the past few years while Karine Jean-Pierre brought cookies for everyone, hailed Fauci as a reliable source of knowledge, and Fauci suggested masks and boosters.

One brave person in the room dared to cut through the noise in order to actually get some answers after KJP tried to gaslight the press room and the American public about how excellent Fauci was at his job, how admirable his policy recommendations were, and how he never flip-flopped on things like masks, lockdowns, or school closures.

As a journalist, he cared that he asked challenging questions and received truthful responses. Democrats obviously don’t do that. A temper tantrum was thrown by Jean-Pierre and Fauci to stop the process from moving forward. Fauci, whose tongue twisted in a thousand directions every time he was questioned by Senator Ran Paul, and Jean-Pierre, who desperately glances at her scripted notes when people start asking about real issues, respectively.

It seems logical to think that they wouldn’t go out of their way to hide anything if there was nothing to conceal. And they would just say that if they didn’t truly know. Instead, here is a simple query that rightfully merits some responses considering the breadcrumbs we have gathered as well as the chaos the world has seen, but rather than being sincere, KJP launches into an entire diatribe.

Fauci did what Fauci does instead of providing thoughtful responses and advised wearing a mask (and commenting on how great people look in them), getting a test before visiting family on Thanksgiving, and getting another booster. Because the fifth one will undoubtedly succeed if the fourth one does not.




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