Mass Brawl Breaks Out Between 30 School Kids And A Dad

This is the frightening moment a large altercation broke out at an Arizona high school between more than 30 kids and a parent.

After the violence erupted on Tuesday, dramatic footage shows students beating and kicking one other.

According to authorities, the mayhem began when a dad, identified as Willie Smith, 40, arrived on the Tuscon High School campus to pick up his two boys.

They were reportedly sent home following a Monday altercation with another group of teenagers.

According to an interim complaint paperwork, school administrators encouraged the father to go through the back door to prevent additional interaction with fellow pupils.

However, the guy is said to have refused and taken his boys into the school’s courtyard during lunch break, threatening to use violence if one of the students was tormented.

“If it’s going down, it’s going down here,” he added, according to the paper.

A group of kids allegedly mocked the trio in the courtyard before an argument erupted.

Smith acknowledged fighting with a pupil, reportedly unleashing a series of punches and putting him to the ground, according to the complaint.

The student had been hitting his kid, according to the father, who was eventually detained on a felony charge of disturbing an educational facility.

Rosalinda Martinez, the accused’s sister, confirmed that her brother was freed on Tuesday night pending further inquiry.

Authorities verified that another 15-year-old was facing accusations of disorderly conduct-fighting, implying that at least 30 kids were involved in the brawl.

After the event, the high school was quickly placed on lockdown for several hours, and the school system issued a statement on Tuesday about the incident.

“The school is currently in a safety protocol due to an incident on campus,” the school said in a statement. “Tucson Police Department and TUSD School Safety responded immediately and will remain on campus for the remainder of the day to ensure there are no additional issues. All students and staff are safe, and the campus should resume its regular class schedule within the hour.”

Many parents claimed that when the officials arrived, they used excessive force, including pepper spray.

Tucson police denied using force on the youngsters.




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