Mask Man Threaten And Assault Costco Worker For Not Wearing Mask

Inside a Costco, a man wearing a vented mask wields a canister of pepper spray, according to a video circulating on social media. The masked guy in the video stands inches away from an employee’s face, aiming pepper spray. He suddenly leaps forward without notice to push the employee, then jumps back and yells, “Stay away!” You’re putting my life in danger! ”

A second employee, likely a manager, steps in at this moment. The deranged masker now threatens the second employee with pepper spray and orders him to “keep away.”

“Thank you,” the masker replies as the second employee agrees and takes a step back. Tell that to this a**hole,” he says, motioning to the first employee.

The video, which was first shared on Reddit on April 24, has now gone popular on Instagram and Twitter.

The lady capturing the encounter compliments the employee facing the masked man.

Another staff comes in to address the customer as the masked guy leaps forward and assaults the employee.

The man walks away after being warned many times that he cannot have pepper spray in a public setting.

This contact occurred in the United States, but the specific site could not be determined.

Many Twitter critics remarked on the absurdity of having physical contact with an employee who is purportedly terrified for his safety.




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