Man Finally Recognizes Wife After Traumatic Brain Injury

After releasing a video of her husband finally realizing who she is many weeks after he suffered a traumatic brain injury, a Canadian lady has left TikTok followers in tears.

Carly Williams shared the touching video on social media in March, and it has already received over 1.2 million views.

Carly captioned the heartbreaking video, which shows her lover laying in his hospital bed and staring at her, “The moment I knew Terry was still in there somewhere after suffering his TBI.”

Carly shot the video weeks after her husband, Terry Williams, was killed in a motorcycle accident in their hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Terry was evacuated to Calgary and placed in an induced coma after the fatal tragedy in September 2021.

Terry failed to identify any of his loved ones after regaining consciousness, so Carly began playing familiar music to assist him restore his memories.

Carly plays Terry’s favorite song, Calum Scott’s “Dancing On My Own,” in the now-viral video, before his eyes light up and he recognizes the music.

Terry begins to sing mumbledly before turning to face his wife and recognizing who she is.

In the video, Carly can be heard weeping, “I love you so much.”

The dedicated wife then compared that video, which was shot only weeks after the tragedy, to one she shot in March, which shows Terry’s amazing recovery six months later.

Terry is shown standing and singing the lyrics to the same song clearly and enthusiastically in that video, displaying his incredible growth.

Calum Scott, the singer of “Dancing On My Own,” was so taken by the video that he tweeted: “Wow this is insane!” Music’s power never fails to astonish me. “Thank you for being a part of this adventure, mate.”

In recent months, Carly has amassed tens of thousands of TikTok fans by broadcasting videos of Terry’s recuperation.

The loving wife has recorded recordings of her husband relearning to walk, clean his teeth, and eat independently. Terry has been back in the gym and making his own food in recent weeks, according to Carly.

The duo is even seen dancing around in one other’s arms in a new video that has left viewers in tears.




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