Man Crashes Burning Vehicle Into US Capitol Barricade

According to reports, a guy who has not been named crashed his automobile through a barricade at the US Capitol early on Sunday morning. Then, according to authorities, he exited his car and started firing indiscriminately before killing himself.

According to US Capitol police, when they heard gunfire at around 4 a.m., they ran to the scene. Except for the driver, there were no other injuries recorded.

Unknown is the man’s motivation in this occurrence. Officers did not have enough time to retaliate before the guy turned his firearm on himself, according to reports that the encounter lasted barely a few seconds.

The suspect did not appear to be targeting any members of Congress at this time, who are on recess, and it does not appear that any police officers fired their firearms, according to a statement from Capitol police.

The man’s death inquiry has been taken up by the Washington, DC, Metro Police.

The incident occurred more than a year after a different car caused one police officer to be killed and another to be injured in 2021 when it slammed into a Capitol barricade.

According to the Capitol Police union, the attack claimed the life of officer Billy Evans and left the Capitol Hill Police Department in ruins.

According to the chief, Capitol Police are reviewing security footage of the event to learn more about any potential motivations.

Aerosol cans were the only objects left in the car that could be identified and they caught fire immediately after the driver smashed into the barricade. No further weapons were discovered at the site. The man’s possible involvement in starting the fire is being looked into by the DC Fire Department.




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