Man Arrested Over Post Threatening A School Days After Texas Massacre

Just days after the Texas shooting, a young man was jailed for threatening violence against a school.

Cameron Sears, 23, was arrested after sharing a threatening social media post on a school in Suffolk, Virginia.

The teen was charged with threasts of death or injury to others on school premises just days after the Uvalde incident.

Cameron’s threatening message was reported to the Suffolk Police Department at 1:02 p.m. yesterday.

The 23-year-old, who is from Suffolk, was quickly apprehended and sent to the Western Tidewater Regional Jail.

Cameron’s alarming letter hasn’t been made public, and it appears to have been taken off from the internet.

However, immediately after the event, officers released a statement announcing the teen’s arrest.

SPD was aware of a threatening message on social media suggesting an act of violence against a school at 1:02pm on May 28, 2022, they stated. Cameron Sears, 23, of Suffolk, Virginia, was recognized as the offender and was arrested and taken to the Western Tidewater Regional Jail. At this time, the inquiry is still underway, and no other information is available.

The message was accompanied by a photo of Cameron, who is dressed in a red sweatshirt and spectacles.

The development follows the arrest of a Long Island youngster for making a threat against another Suffolk school.

On Wednesday, a 16-year-old teenager wrote on the “Bellport Scholars” Instagram page that a mass shooting may occur the next day at Bellport High School in Brookhaven.

After many individuals contacted 911, Suffolk County Police searched the teen’s house Thursday night.

There were no firearms discovered by the detectives.




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