Man Admits to Killing US Tourist Near German Castle

A 31-year-old American male, whose identity remains undisclosed, faced trial in Germany on Monday, February 19, where he admitted to accusations of murder and rape stemming from a gruesome incident near the famous Neuschwanstein castle last year. The confession was reported by the German news agency DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur) during the commencement of the trial. It’s worth noting that unlike the American legal system, defendants in Germany do not formally enter pleas.

Characterizing the crime as incomprehensible, defense attorney Philip Mueller expressed shock and dismay at the defendant’s actions. The individual accused, whose identity is protected under German privacy laws, acknowledged the validity of his lawyer’s remarks but declined to answer any additional questions.

The accused is confronted with a range of allegations, encompassing rape, murder, and possession of child pornography. In Germany, convictions for murder can result in a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The dreadful assault occurred on June 14, 2023, close to the Marienbruecke Bridge, known for its breathtaking vistas of a gorge near the renowned tourist spot. According to prosecutors, the defendant came across two unidentified American women, aged 21 and 22, randomly while they were on a hiking trail, and enticed them away from the path.

According to preliminary accounts, he allegedly compelled the younger woman to the ground and attempted to remove her clothing. When the older woman intervened, a confrontation ensued, resulting in the suspect pushing her down a steep incline. Despite sustaining significant head injuries, bruises, and abrasions, she fortunately survived.

The attacker then reportedly attacked the younger woman, strangling her until she passed out. And then he started raping her. Prosecutors claim that he shoved her down the slope, causing her untimely death.

Investigators also found devastating evidence against the defendant when they confiscated a mobile phone and laptop that included items suggestive of sexual abuse of children. It has been proven by the authorities that the victims did not know the individual before the fateful meeting near Neuschwanstein. After the attack, the suspect was taken into custody and arrested right away. 

It is expected that the trial will result in a verdict, which will be made public no later than mid-March.




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