Machete Wielding Professor Finds New Job

The individual who terminated the employment of an art professor from Hunter College, following her arrest earlier this year for pursuing a New York Post journalist out of her residential building while brandishing a machete, has successfully secured a new teaching role.

Shellyne Rodriguez, the former professor at Hunter College, appears to have smoothly transitioned into a new position at the privately-run art institution, Cooper Union School of Art in Manhattan. As reported by The College Fix, Shellyne Rodriguez is now listed as an adjunct instructor on the school’s official website. The recently published course schedule for the upcoming fall semester, as of September 1, indicates that Rodriguez will be instructing a sculpture class.

In May, Rodriguez’s reputation took a hit when she was recorded verbally confronting Hunter College students who held pro-life beliefs and subsequently disrupting their display table. As the video gained widespread attention, New York Post senior journalist Reuven Fenton, accompanied by a photographer from the Post, ventured to Rodriguez’s apartment building with the aim of interviewing her regarding the circumstance.

Once more, Rodriguez was caught on video, this time brandishing a machete and issuing threats, holding it perilously close to Fenton’s neck while warning to “chop you up!” After Fenton and the photographer exited her apartment building, Rodriguez was captured on dash-cam footage in pursuit, still wielding the machete.

Following this incident, she was apprehended and faced charges of menacing, harassment, and possessing a deadly weapon.

When the video depicting the machete attack and her subsequent arrest gained widespread attention across the nation, both Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts, where Rodriguez held a position, promptly terminated her employment.

Rodriguez has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges filed against her.




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