Look Who ICE Just Expelled From the United States

Repeat criminals have been a significant problem at the border for many years. People who are continually expelled from the nation, either voluntarily or involuntarily, but keep coming back in. Recently, a repeat offender who is a citizen of Mexico was expelled for the seventh time.

Misael Estrada-Virgin was deported on February 1 according to a statement made on February 9 by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The 37-year-old Mexican national has a lengthy 19-year history with ICE. When the Border Patrol detained him in Tecate, California, on April 27, 2004, it all started. He was given permission by officials to depart the country on his own decision.

Estrada-Virgin reportedly reentered the nation numerous times over the coming years and was either deported 6 times between 2004 and 2023 or returned voluntarily six times. He was taken into custody by the police in Washington state in December 2022. Mexico sent an arrest notice for the convicted felon to US authorities while he was imprisoned. His eighth deportation resulted from that.

The migrant had a prior criminal past that included being deported at some point after receiving a two-year prison sentence for buying and selling cocaine in December 2004. He was found guilty of a severe narcotics offense again in 2011 and received sentences of 18 months for one conviction and 21 months for another. The following year, he was accused of entering the nation unlawfully.

The recent deportation,according to Mary De Anda, director of the ERO El Paso Field Office, proves, “Criminals will not find sanctuary in our communities.”

Estrada-Virgin is not the only foreign national who has committed a crime who has been apprehended in the US. ICE revealed that during the fiscal year 2022, 46,396 immigrants with criminal records were detained. Between them, they had approximately 200,000 accusations and convictions, including ones for assault, kidnapping, using firearms, and sexual offenses.




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