Longtime Putin Advisor Leaves Country Over Ukraine War

When it comes to his assault on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not enjoy the entire backing of the Russian people. This has been clear since the start of the war, and many people have spoken out against the former KGB commander since the first shot was fired.

Even Putin’s closest advisers appear to be opposed to the war, and many are packing their belongings and leaving.

Anatoly Chubais, a longtime adviser, has resigned as the Kremlin’s special envoy and fled the country, according to Reuters. While others have done so, Chubai is the most well-known, as he has a long and illustrious history at the Kremlin. He was previously Boris Yeltsin’s chief of staff before becoming Putin’s special representative. He was given the task of reaching sustainable development goals in 2020.

Chubais, who is credited with orchestrating Russia’s privatizations in the 1990s, handed Putin his first Kremlin job in the mid-1990s and initially welcomed his ascent to power at the end of the decade. Chubais rose through the ranks of huge state corporations under Putin until he was chosen ambassador for sustainable development by the president last year.

The government has increased its pressure on domestic critics of the invasion since the war. On March 16, Putin threatened to rid Russia of the scum and traitors he accuses of working undercover for the US and its allies. Faced with economic collapse, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of wanting to destroy his country.

Chubais sensed trouble in the water and fled the nation before he could be targeted, given his links to western leaders and his continuous interaction with them.

While this is the highest-profile departure, it is far from the first time a high-profile figure has found themselves on Putin’s bad side.

While there is disquiet and rejection on Russia’s streets as a result of the war, it appears that there is weak cohesion within the Kremlin as well.




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