Leaked Maricopa County Email Reveals Stunning Ballot Disparity

The Maricopa County election officials are currently a national disgrace.

There was a discrepancy of about 16,000 votes, according to an email exchange that was released.

There was a discrepancy of about 17,000 votes between Kari Lake and Hobbs.

On election day, there were reportedly multiple election failures throughout the county, and Kari Lake has subsequently filed numerous complaints against the county.

A judge recently approved Lake’s request to examine the votes and ordered both Hobbs and Lake to attend the hearing.

This most recent disclosure is good news for Lake in her continuing legal battle.

We are now unable to reconcile the SOS listing with our estimates from yesterday, which indicated that Maricopa County thought there were 392,000 ballots still to be counted while the Secretary of State’s website indicated there were 407,664 ballots remaining.

Richer indicated that there is a 15,000 difference somewhere, even though the gap cited was more like 16,000 in size.

By the deadline for publication, the recorder’s office had not commented on the disparity in the ballot counts.

A November 10 email from Arizona Recorder Stephen Richer to other top election officials, including Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Gates and Elections Director Scott Jarrett, revealed the information regarding the overall ballot disparity.

The 16,000 ballot disparity was specifically between the county’s anticipated total of uncounted ballots and the number supplied by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.




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