KJP Accused of Gaslighting Nation in Recent Remarks

Throughout President Joe Biden’s inaugural term, a persistent border predicament has loomed ominously. Countless migrants have traversed into the nation, and those not promptly repatriated have been granted entry into the interior of the United States. This influx has placed a considerable burden on various states and cities nationwide. Notably, the White House press secretary has faced allegations of attempting to manipulate public perception with her statements concerning the border situation.

On August 31st, a journalist inquired of Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre regarding President Biden’s immigration strategies. This inquiry followed reports of the President not holding discussions with New York Governor Kathy Hochul (a Democrat) regarding the migrant predicament in the Empire State. This issue extends beyond Governor Hochul, as the President has declined to engage with other Democratic municipal and state authorities who have requested his involvement in addressing immigration challenges.

In response to the inquiry, the press secretary asserted that President Biden has undertaken extensive efforts to enhance border security, surpassing any previous endeavors. Furthermore, she highlighted that the month of June witnessed a substantial decline in illegal border crossings, marking the most significant month-to-month reduction, primarily attributable to his policies.

However, the X account from RNC Research countered this claim, contending that the President has presided over the most severe border crisis ever recorded. Miranda Devine shared a video posted by RNC Research and facetiously awarded Jean-Pierre’s remarks the “Gaslight Award of 2023.”

Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) retorted to the press secretary’s statements, asserting that President Biden has shown greater neglect toward the border issue than any previous administration.

As President Biden seeks re-election to a second term, he finds himself under scrutiny from members of his own political party concerning the migrant predicament. Democrats in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts have collectively urged the president to take more substantial actions in assisting localities in coping with the substantial influx of migrants in need of accommodations.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), a staunch and long-standing supporter of President Biden, informed Axios that he penned a letter to the President four months ago and has yet to receive a response.

Furthermore, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) conveyed to The New York Times that immigration is arguably the most vulnerable area for this administration.




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