JUST IN – Whistleblower Reveals Joe’s Involvement With Son’s Business Deals

A fresh whistleblower came forward, alleging to have firsthand knowledge of President Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter’s international business dealings during that time.

Whistleblowers revealed Joe Biden was actually involved in Hunter’s international business operations while he was serving as vice president, and they confessed damaging evidence about him.

The whistleblower was identified by Senate investigators, but they chose to remain nameless out of concern for retaliation.

The whistleblower said that there was a conference call that took place in 2012 between Hunter Biden, then-Vice President Biden, Jeff Cooper, Hunter’s business partner, the late Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Key Reid, who was also involved in Hunter’s firm.

In 2012, Hunter, Key, and Jeff’s new business venture—online gambling in Latin America—was the topic of the conference call. The leaker said that former vice president Biden actively participated in the discussion, talking specifics of the company and offering guidance as a silent partner.

Joe Biden was actively discussing the business idea for online gambling. The whistleblower continued by saying that the former vice president was functioning in his capacity as a member of the board of directors.

In a response, Cooper denied speaking with Joe Biden about any of his enterprises. He continued by saying that this scathing report was a pure fabrication.

When contacted for comment, Hunter, Key, and the White House remained silent

The whistleblower also stated that Biden asked about the revenue projections and the anticipated release date of the software for online gambling. He also praised Cooper for getting the casino licenses from the Peruvian government.

The person went on to say that according to his own observations, it was clear that Joe Biden was involved with and taking part in this commercial enterprise.

The whistleblower’s identity was independently confirmed despite the supposed conference call not having been recorded. The person has a long history of working closely with Cooper, even at the time the claimed call was placed.

As a result, company filings and public data were used to confirm and verify the story’s specifics. Additionally, the informant provided emails, papers, and pictures to back up their claim of connection with Hunter and Cooper’s business.

The second witness regarding Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business transactions is the whistleblower.

This came about as a result of Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, disclosing in October 2020 that he had a direct conversation with Biden over the agreement with CEFC, a Chinese oil major.




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