Joe Biden Snaps at Reporter – Provides All the Wrong Answers on Classified Documents Scandal

Joe Biden is annoyed that he is being questioned about the incident involving sensitive information. The president addressed questions on Thursday after being found with numerous caches of secret papers that were being illegally possessed, including in his garage.

He became angry with the reporter who was trying to question him about the situation and told her that it “quite frankly bugs” him that anyone would try to hold him responsible for his wrongdoings.

Biden’s visit to California was reportedly to reiterate his commitment to aiding the state’s residents in the wake of heavy rains and flooding, and that’s what he preferred to discuss. I’m dubious that was the underlying motivation behind his travel, though. It’s quite handy that he was whisked away to the West Coast just in time to attempt to divert the subject when the largest controversy of his presidency was still raging. Only now does he decide to travel to California, where it has been heavily raining for the past month.

Biden remained stubborn, insisting that he had no remorse about how he handled the matter when a different reporter pressed him on the subject.

The president never stops attacking anyone who might criticize his actions. Those papers didn’t just appear in his home office filing cabinet and next to his Corvette by accident. He was ultimately responsible, and I believe that if he accepted some of the blame, the scandal would fade more quickly.




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