Joe Biden Does Not Acknowledge Grandchild Born out of Wedlock

President Joe Biden and Jill, the First Lady, have publicly acknowledged having six grandchildren on multiple occasions. However, it’s worth noting that this count does not include Navy Joan Lunden, the 4-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden.

President Biden frequently takes pride in talking about his six other grandchildren, all of whom were born within the bounds of marriage. He often mentions them during various events, such as a take-your-child-to-work day, where he shared with other children that he communicates with his grandchildren on a daily basis. Additionally, during the Christmas holidays, the White House displays six stockings to represent the Biden grandchildren. Furthermore, White House Aides have been instructed to acknowledge only the six grandchildren of Joe and Jill Biden, likely due to concerns about potential harm to their public image.

Navy Joan, the daughter of Lunden Roberts, was born to Hunter Biden outside of marriage. Hunter Biden met Lunden Roberts, who worked as an exotic dancer, at a club in Washington, D.C. When a paternity suit was filed, Hunter Biden acknowledged his parentage of the child. As a result, he has been providing $20,000 per month in child support, although he recently filed a request to lower this amount.

During the course of their discussions, Lunden Roberts expressed her desire for Navy Joan to bear the Biden surname, believing that the association with the Biden family would be advantageous. However, Hunter Biden disagreed and argued that using the Biden name would only hinder the child’s chances of leading a peaceful life. Eventually, they reached a compromise: Hunter Biden gave Lunden Roberts valuable paintings, and in return, Roberts decided not to give Navy Joan the Biden surname.

Despite President Biden’s frequent declarations about the significance of family and its importance, it is apparent that he has not had any interaction or communication with Navy Joan. The reasons behind the Bidens’ apparent disregard for Navy Joan’s existence can only be speculated upon.

Irrespective of the rationale behind excluding Biden’s seventh grandchild, the public perception of this situation is largely negative. Many people criticize the perceived hypocrisy of emphasizing family values while denying the existence of a young family member. Some individuals, including CNN commentator Scott Jennings, have gone as far as labeling the Biden family as “Monsters.”

Navy Joan Roberts, however, is aware that Hunter Biden is her father and that her grandfather holds the position of President. Allegedly, she mentions both men frequently, although she has never had the opportunity to meet either of them.




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