James O’Keefe Returns After Sudden Departure

James O’Keefe, the founder and chairman of Project Veritas, was placed on paid leave by the board of directors, according to a report published in the New York Intelligencer on February 8. At the time, a corporate representative just stated that the board was considering the “best path forward” for the firm. A few weeks later, author Neil McCabe made known that O’Keefe had formally resigned from his job with the firm.

The former CEO of Project Veritas stated on March 15 that he was starting a new business called O’Keefe Media Group. He pledged to gather a “army of investigators” through the new business who will uncover the truth.

O’Keefe anticipates that the organization will be operational by this year’s Fourth of July. The entrepreneur said in his video statement that those who removed him “awakened the sleeping giant” and that his new business will “never be shut down.”

O’Keefe urged people to back him by contributing to his media company as a founder member, saying that those remaining in his corner include some of the top journalists in the world who are eager to “expose corruption.” Early-bird memberships are also available on the website.

The board fired O’Keefe from the firm because they felt that he was “outright cruel” to the employees and that he was mismanaging the business.

When looking into Ashley Biden’s lost journal in 2020, the FBI obtained search warrants at the former CEO’s residence and that of a few of his coworkers in November 2021. The book’s contents may have been released by Project Veritas, which did not happen. Two Florida people admitted trafficking Biden’s stolen diary and other personal items as they pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.




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