Is California Splitting Into Two?

The third-largest state in the union is California. With more over 39 million people living there, it is also the most populous. There are a number of organizations that claim the state is too big and call for its dissolution. A new movement was started in the last several years with the intention of dividing it into two parts.

A 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization called New California State wants to secede from California and become the 51st state. The group, like West Virginia once did, reportedly believes it has the right to secede from the present state and establish a new one under the US Constitution, according to the “About” section of its website.

The state government is also required by the Constitution’s Article IV, Section 4 to defend the states from invasion, but it has not done so.

According to the “About” section, the California government has failed to uphold its constitutional obligations to prevent “domestic violence” and invasions, as well as in the areas of education, business climate, gas taxes, quality of life, and the poverty rate.

The founders of New California reportedly declared their independence from California in 2018, according to USA Today. They read the Declaration of Independence they had written. The group asserts in a paper that, “The current state of California has become governed by a tyranny.”

The Constitution permits state separation, although it is highly challenging. The split must first receive approval from the state legislature. Congress would have to approve the idea before it could be implemented.

New California is still active and holds regular meetings even though it has not yet been successful in breaking away from California.




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