Husband Helps Wife After She Allegedly Tried to Have Him Murdered

Lindsay Shiver, a former beauty queen from Alabama and the spouse of Robert Shiver, a former Auburn football player, has been released on bail in the Bahamas. This comes after her arrest, along with two male associates, on July 21, 2023. The Bahamian authorities detained them following the discovery of proof suggesting their involvement in a plot to arrange for the murder of Robert Shiver.

During a probe into a potential burglary, evidence of a scheme to hire a hitman for murder came to light. The two men apprehended alongside Lindsay were Terrance Bethel, who is purported to be Lindsay’s romantic interest, and Faron Newbold, suspected of being the individual contracted to carry out the assassination of Robert Shiver.

Robert and Lindsay are currently undergoing a contentious divorce proceeding that encompasses disputes over the custody of their three children, ownership of their Georgia estate, and a personal aircraft. Robert initiated the divorce proceedings, citing infidelity as the cause. He alleges that Lindsay and Bethel engaged in a romantic involvement during Lindsay’s stay at their vacation residence in the Bahamas. In response, Lindsay refutes this assertion and asserts that her association with Robert was marked by mistreatment.

Upon the apprehension of Lindsay Shiver, Bethel, and Newbold, their initial request for bail was declined. The prosecution informed Robert Shiver about the plan to have him killed, implicating him as the intended victim. Following a conversation with Robert, the prosecution withdrew their opposition to releasing the trio on bail.

Lindsay was granted bail with a set amount of $100,000, while Bethel and Newbold’s bail was established at $20,000 each. As of Wednesday, August 3, 2023, none of them had managed to secure their release and were still detained at Nassau’s Fox Hill Prison. In the event that they do secure bail in the future, they will be obligated to wear ankle monitors.

Lindsay will need to reside at her familial holiday residence, whereas Bethel and Newport will be instructed to stay within the tourist district and are obligated to report to the Marsh Harbour Police Station no less than three times per week. Travel is prohibited for all three, and they are forbidden from communicating with Robert Shiver.




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