Hundreds of Explosions Reported in America’s Heartland

A large fire erupted in Clinton Township, Michigan, on Monday, March 4, resulting in the loss of one life and triggering numerous explosions. Witnesses liken the affected area to a battlefield due to the extent of the damage.

Chief Tim Duncan of the Clinton Township Fire Department disclosed on Tuesday that a 19-year-old passed away the night before, struck by debris from the fire. The blaze began at 8:40 p.m. in the Detroit vicinity, specifically at a property owned by Select Distributors and Goo Smoke Shop.

Inside the warehouse were supplies including nitrous oxide, butane, vape pens, lighter fluid, and canisters weighing 10-15 pounds and measuring 12-18 inches. These containers detonated, projecting shrapnel into the air, some reaching distances of up to two miles. Additionally, knives and blades present on the premises were also propelled skyward.

The individual was at a car wash roughly a quarter-mile distant when an object hit him in the head, resulting in his subsequent death. Firefighter Matt Myers sustained injuries as debris shattered his windshield and struck him in the face, necessitating medical treatment.

During a press briefing, Township Supervisor Robert Cannon remarked that the butane and nitrous oxide containers were not legally stored at the warehouse. He mentioned that the individuals who obtained permits for the location had initially proposed a different use but ultimately engaged in activities that were not only unlawful but also unethical and hazardous. Upon arrival at the scene, responding officers initially believed they were under gunfire, only to realize it was the shrapnel from the fire causing the commotion.

Sarah Cooper, aged 26, recounted to the newspaper that she was asleep when an explosion startled her awake. She mentioned that she and her fiancé went outside and witnessed the explosion from a distance. They decided to drive towards the fire to investigate further. Cooper described a scene where metal debris was falling all around them. The following day, she revisited the site of the fire and observed various objects scattered about. She mentioned that a business proprietor informed her he had extracted over 30 knives from the walls of his establishment.




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