HUGE Fire At Major Gas Pipeline In Russia – Sabotage?

Following an explosion, a significant gas pipeline in Russia is engulfed in a massive fire.

Russian scientists, meanwhile, have suggested sabotage after asserting that it is impossible for an accident explosion to occur without outside intervention.

It is believed that the major gas pipeline owned by Gazprom Transgaz SPB was the cause of the explosion, which may have affected one million people.

After the explosion, thick smoke plumes could be seen for miles around the location near Putin’s hometown of St. Petersburg.

With the justification that an accident is not possible, Russia appears to have pointed the blame at suspected sabotage.

An unknown professional source was quoted by the gas industry Telegram channel Gaz Batyushka as saying that it is impossible for an explosion to occur without outside help.

Despite the fact that the explosion was not close to any residential areas, emergency vehicles, including ambulances, flocked to the scene.

In an effort to determine what caused the explosion, investigators and forensic experts hurried to the scene.

One explanation for the explosion involved sabotage related to the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia has recently carried out strikes that are widely denounced that purposefully target Ukraine’s crucial energy supply lines.

A Swedish prosecutor revealed this week that evidence of explosives were discovered at the location of the damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines, confirming that sabotage had occurred.

The Severnaya Thermal Power Plant, which heats hundreds of thousands of households at a time when temperatures are about minus 5C, was disrupted by today’s explosion.




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