House Subpoenas State Secretary Antony Blinken Over Letter

According to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, there are allegations suggesting that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a greater level of involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal than was previously known. The House Judiciary Intelligence Committee has apparently issued a subpoena to Blinken based on evidence indicating that he played a significant role in inspiring a letter written by 51 former officials from intelligence agencies. The letter suggested that the reports about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal could be disinformation connected to the Russian Federation.

During the month of April, a former CIA official claimed that the Biden campaign and Antony Blinken had coordinated an effort to create an intelligence letter, which was signed by 51 officials, with the intention of undermining the credibility of the Hunter Biden laptop story. The House Judiciary Committee issued a press release disclosing this official’s testimony. 

In the same month, Representatives Jim Jordan (R. OH) and Mike Turner (R. OH), who chair the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees respectively, wrote a letter to Blinken. The purpose of the letter was to inform Blinken that the Congressional committees were conducting oversight regarding the allegations against him.

In a May interview with Fox News, Secretary Blinken refuted any involvement in the creation of the draft letter. Additionally, in May, Representatives Jordan and Turner sent another letter to Blinken in response to a communication they received from Blinken’s lawyer. The lawmakers acknowledged receiving explanations from Blinken’s legal representative regarding his non-compliance. 

The chairmen of the committees then requested Blinken to provide the requested information by 5 pm on June 26 at the latest, warning that they may pursue “compulsory” measures if he fails to comply.

During the current month, James Clapper provided testimony to Congress regarding allegations that Antony Blinken had instructed former Acting Director of the CIA, Mike Morrell, to compose a statement aimed at discrediting certain information. According to reports, Blinken’s instructions were conveyed to Clapper by former CIA Director John Brennan. It is worth noting that during the period in question, Blinken was not serving as Secretary of State but rather held the position of a Biden campaign adviser.




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