House Speaker Under Fire For Ridiculous Statement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) came under fire on Saturday for her remarks about the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act, which is expected to allocate more than 350 billion dollars to the implementation of laws addressing climate change and environmental justice. Pelosi’s remarks received considerable backlash.

Pelosi’s remarks appeared to indicate that appeasing “Mother Earth” was a priority in terms of getting the legislation through the finish line shortly after the plan passed both the Senate and the House – on party lines. It’s expected that President Joe Biden will sign the bill into law during his visit to South Carolina.

While it was guaranteed that there would be “no new audits” for Americans whose income fell below a specific threshold, Pelosi questioned those who voted against the comprehensive package, which also included funds to employ some 87,000 new IRS agents. Republicans who voted against the bill were the target of Pelosi’s query.

“Mother Earth — Mother Earth gets angry from time to time. And this legislation will help us to address all of that,” Pelosi went on.

The event prompted Aaron Walker to tweet, “So literally faith-based legislation,” while Julie Gunlock of WMAL speculated that Nancy Pelosi was day drinking once more.

“As opposed to ‘Mother Earth’s rage. Perhaps sincere Catholics Pelosi and Biden ought to worry a little bit more about “Father God’s” wrath…? Regarding the severe opinions the two Democrats have about abortion, @VRWCTexan continued. “For Dad’s love,” Regression looks like this, said actor Mark Pellegrino.

“We are back to primitive animism here. The ship sank because the ocean was in a bad mood. Thunder struck because the clouds were having a violent disagreement with each other. Ancient people, however, weren’t dumb enough to think laws could change the course of nature,” Dinesh D’Souza stated.




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