High School Coach Suspended After Restraining Student With A Loaded Gun

After defending himself and restraining a kid who was in possession of a loaded handgun in school, a Georgia high school coach was suspended.

On Aug. 20, the school’s principal summoned Miller to her office, claiming that there had been reports of pupils on campus carrying guns.

In the presence of police officers, Miller confronted one female student. Miller and the cops had no idea that the student, who was described as confrontational and violent by eyewitnesses, was armed at the time of the altercation.

When a student assaulted Miller with a stapler, the atmosphere became tense. Miller then grabbed the girl and held her down until authorities arrived and arrested her.

Miller was first fired, but the school system later changed its mind and suspended him for several months.

Mr. Miller’s actions in this matter are not supported by the district administration, which considers his behavior fell short of the professional standards it sets for its workers. Mr. Miller interjected himself inappropriately into a student situation that was being handled by school officials and law police. Mr. Miller acted outside of his power and responsibilities, according to a statement from Fulton County Schools.

Miller’s attorney urged school districts to support teachers who are placed in difficult positions.

Miller’s lawyer stated that “those instructors are our first line of protection against weapons and other forms of awful violence that occur in schools.

While in the presence of police officers, the athletic director of Tri-Cities High School confronted one female student, unknowing that the student had a pistol.




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