Haley Secures Endorsement of NH Governor Sununu

Six weeks before the first-in-the-nation GOP primary in 2024, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced his complete support for Nikki Haley on Tuesday, December 12th.

At a Manchester sky lodge, Chris Sununu was approached by a generous elderly woman who wanted to know if he would support Haley for president. “Absolutely!” was his fervent response. Come on, let’s do it! There was applause and a standing ovation from the audience.

With Haley’s support, her campaign in New Hampshire has won a major victory, and she will now be a formidable opponent against Donald Trump. While Trump maintains a commanding lead in national and early state polls, Haley has seen her numbers climb, and she now finds herself in second place in New Hampshire. Trump continues to have more support, with 45% to Haley’s 18%, according to recent polls. As the GOP field gets smaller, Haley thinks she can win by steadily climbing the polls.

Many believe that her chances of directly challenging Trump in her home state of South Carolina would improve if she does well in Iowa and New Hampshire. While campaigning in New Hampshire, Sununu characterized Haley’s momentum as “real” and “tangible,” highlighting his state’s readiness to go beyond Trump and demonstrate a fresh direction for the country.

New Hampshire, according to the governor, can take the lead nationally if it stops focusing on the past and starts making plans for the future. He expressed his gratitude for Trump’s service and stated that New Hampshire will be moving on from this situation.

Haley praised Sununu’s endorsement, saying it was a strong vote of confidence from the governor of Live Free or Die. Many New Hampshire voters sought out Sununu’s endorsement since he was a popular governor from a purple state who spoke out against Trump. He thought about seeking the presidency in 2024, but decided against it.

The Republican presidential nominee is not always the one that the governors of South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire have in mind. Trump was endorsed by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, DeSantis by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and Haley by Sununu.




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