Group Films Gunpoint Mugging Of Teen At Brooklyn Bridge Park

New footage shows a group of teenage suspects robbing a 14-year-old child at gunpoint in Brooklyn Bridge Park over the weekend and filming the traumatic event.

Around 7:50 p.m., the adolescent was at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Cops say the group approached him on Saturday.

According to authorities, the crowd shoved him to the ground, beat him in the face, and held a revolver to his head before stealing his smartphone, hat, bank card, ID cards, and even his footwear.

Footage published late Wednesday shows the mob around the victim, who looks to be on the ground behind a series of stones in a tree-lined area. A blue pistol is pointed at him by one of the suspects.

The group standing in the frame, holding up their phones, blocks the remainder of the action.

According to investigators, the teen rejected medical treatment. Cops suspect that at least some of the members of the gang knew the young victim.They were still being sought by police on Thursday.

At least two other muggings occurred in the same area. According to one mugging victim, the perpetrators emerged from the bushes and took his phone and $700.

In New York City, violent crime has risen drastically since the epidemic. According to a recent study, more than three-quarters of New York City residents are frightened of becoming victims of violent crime. Surprisingly, 70% of those polled said they now feel less safe in New York City than they did before the epidemic.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects.




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