Greta Thunberg Detained By Norway Police During Demonstration

Greta Thunberg, an activist for environmental causes, was temporarily held by Norwegian police on Wednesday while participating in a protest in Oslo, ejecting her and other protesters from the finance ministry.

On Sami Indigenous land in central Norway, the campaigners are calling for the removal of wind turbines from reindeer pastures.

As a result of their current blocking of some government buildings, the center-left minority administration is now in a precarious position, and Energy Minister Terje Aasland has canceled an official trip to Britain.

While hundreds of protesters yelled slogans, police lifted and hauled Thunberg away while he was clutching a red, blue, yellow, and green Sami flag.

Two wind farms in Fosen were found to have infringed Sami rights under international treaties by Norway’s supreme court in 2021, yet the turbines are still in use more than 16 months later.

Together with other activists who had also been jailed, Thunberg—for many individuals the face of the movement to reduce the world’s dependency on carbon-based energy—was eventually released.

On Monday, she joined the demonstrations in Oslo. Its advocates contend that Sami’s rights shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of a green energy transformation.

The sight and sound of the enormous wind power equipment, according to reindeer herders, scares their animals and shatters long-standing customs.

Although the supreme court’s judgment on the turbines presents a legal conundrum, the energy ministry has stated that it may take another year to reach a new judgment in the Fosen case.

On Tuesday, activists claimed that they had recently raised nearly $100,000 to assist specific marchers with their penalties.




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