GOP Rep Reveals The Dem’s Real Plan For Cancelling College Debts

We question why the Biden administration suddenly chose to cancel billions of dollars’ worth of student debt only months before the November elections.

The Biden administration is completely unconcerned about rising crime rates, skyrocketing inflation that has made everything expensive for Americans, and the emergence of a new recession. This same government opted to cancel student debts just a few months before the election, ostensibly doing something for Americans for the first time.

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator, had something to say about the president’s surprise act of compassion. Every action the Democrats have taken since the start of the Biden administration has been motivated by one of their many political or personal objectives, and this is no different.

According to Cruz, the only reason Biden could have made this decision, especially at such a crucial moment, would be to sway election outcomes in his favor.

The Education Data Initiative estimates that American borrowers owe $37,667 on average in student loan debt. Depending on the degree and place, a person may owe a different amount than another.

This week, the president unveiled a plan for loan forgiveness. He claims that this program is aimed for those with annual incomes under $125,000. Each might save $10,000 on their loan payments thanks to it. Additionally, beneficiaries of Pell grants are eligible for up to $20,000 in reimbursement.

Cruz argued that $20,000 is a significant sum of money for anyone and is more than enough to purchase votes. Even a voter in the United States who hadn’t planned to cast a ballot before this gift would now be thankful to the Biden administration for once. Because he recently received a sizable gift, this American can even go so far as to support Biden and urge others to vote for the Democrats.




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