GOP Accused of Tanking The Economy On Purpose

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is putting the economy at risk, according to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), by starting an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden.

There is no set process for impeachment in the U.S. Constitution, and the House of Representatives, which has the power to remove government officials, is not required to hold an impeachment inquiry before passing articles of impeachment. In this way, articles of impeachment can be brought up without an official investigation first.

Speaking on MSNBC shortly after McCarthy announced the inquiry, Wasserman Schultz criticized him for pursuing what she termed as “baseless allegations” related to Biden’s actions and the supposed “culture of corruption” associated with his family’s foreign engagements. She inferred that McCarthy and those aligned with the “extreme MAGA faction” were acting on former President Donald Trump’s demands, suggesting that a government shutdown could be at stake.

“This is their motive. They’re capitulating to Trump, letting him wield power over our economic stability. They’re pandering to their most extreme MAGA followers, endangering our economic welfare in the process while acting out of fear,” she asserted.

She continued, “They’re fully aware they’re grasping at straws with no solid evidence. The term’ inquiry’ is just a front. McCarthy suggests proceeding with impeachment because he’s under Trump’s influence.”

Wasserman Schultz used an example to show how the impeachment process for Trump is different from what is happening now with Biden.

“By their admission, they possess no incriminating evidence against Biden,” she remarked. “The House has a formal procedure for an impeachment vote. They’re using the term’ inquiry’ as a prelude to further investigations. After all these months of probing, they still come up empty-handed.

This move to impeach is only likely to have happened because of pressure from former President Trump. It looks like they’re working as an extension of his campaign to make MAGA fans happy. McCarthy’s main goal seems to be to keep his job, even though he knows that any member can question his leadership.




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