Girl Gang in Neon Green Bodysuits Attacks NYC Subway Riders

Horror stories continue to emerge from major cities like New York and Los Angeles, where crime is on the rise everywhere. Innocent victims have been brutally assaulted in subway stations, pushed in front of subway vehicles, and beaten senseless even in upscale districts by attackers. This is life under woke George Soros-supported prosecutors like Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Foxx in Chicago, and George Gascón in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Biden’s Department of Justice appears to be little more than a spectator in the aftermath of all this mayhem, despite the fact that they appear to have plenty of time to search the homes of average Americans.

The most recent incident, however, seems to take on an even stranger tone, as a group of criminal women dressed in neon-green bodysuits beat up two ladies, both 19, before robbing them of their smartphones, credit cards, wallets, and everything else they could lay their hands on.

Although the police have not yet located the criminals, one cannot help but wonder how they managed to flee unnoticed while donning fluorescent bodysuits. 

The six ladies arguing with several passengers on the train are shown in a video that was shared online. At least one lady is seen repeatedly striking a victim in the face, and another appears to be dragging a second victim to the ground by wrapping her leg over her.

Mayor Eric Adams talks a big game but has been completely powerless to halt the bloodshed. Former Mayor Bill de Blasio was the first to fail to do anything to tame the terrible streets of the Big Apple. Then came woke prosecutor Alvin Bragg, who doesn’t seem to give a hoot about anyone but criminals.

They persisted in their attacks for a few minutes until other passengers made an effort to prevent them from reboarding the train.

The women then fled the train and are still at large. On social media, a video of the women was posted before to the train incident.

The incident did not cause the victims any significant injuries.




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