Former US Lawmaker Arrested Over Intent to Rape Child in Europe

According to a federal indictment, a former North Dakota senator went to Europe with the intention of raping a kid.

An arrest warrant led to the capture of Ray Holmberg, a former North Dakota Republican state senator who is now 79 years old. One count of receiving photographs of child sex abuse has also been included in the indictment against him.

A local paper, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, reported last year that Holmberg had sent and received “dozens” of text messages with someone who had been arrested on charges related to photos of child sex abuse. Holmberg resigned from the North Dakota Senate after serving there for more than 45 years. In March of 2022, Holmberg said he would not run for re-election, citing ““a weakened ability to concentrate” and “stress” as his reasons for resigning.

Nicholas James Morgan-Derosier, with whom Holmberg reportedly communicated, pled guilty to charges of possessing photographs of child sexual assault earlier this year. Up to 20 years in federal prison awaits Morgan-Derosier’s eventual sentencing.

Ex-senator Holmberg has entered a not guilty plea. Judge Alice Senechal imposed various conditions on Holmberg’s supervised release, including that he turn in his passport and avoid all contact with the victims and minors. In addition, he is not allowed online or to leave Grand Forks. A trial date of December 5 was set by Judge Senechal.

Holmberg is being accused of a crime related to his travels to the Czech Republic between June 2011 and November 2016. Holmberg spent around $125,810 on travel during his final decade as a state senator, according to documents kept by the North Dakota Legislative Council. When compared to the average of almost $9,200 that North Dakota state senators spend on travel during the same time period, your expenditures pale in comparison.




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