Former First Lady Melania Trump Gets Bullied by Media

Melania Trump, a former first lady, is unquestionably a fashion star. In FLOTUS apparel that evoked memories of previous First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Mrs. Trump astounded Americans. Even while the mainstream media criticized everything from her accent to her Christmas decorations, Mrs. Trump always handled herself with dignity. Although this isn’t merely a story about fashion, I’ll use every chance to examine Mrs. Trump’s clothing, much like the FBI did when they searched Mar-a-Lago.

The mainstream media has continued to focus its criticisms on Melania Trump despite the fact that the current First Lady, Jill Biden, leaves much to be desired in the fashion department, from her fishnet-style stockings paired with black booties and a leather-trimmed skirt to an ill-fitting seersucker tunic thing.

I’m not suggesting Jill Biden, the first lady, never looks attractive; that would be unfair and superficial. What I’m trying to convey is that, while I have mentioned Melania as a fashion inspiration, I have never told a department store stylist that I want a dress to look like Jill Biden for a special event. I’m also highlighting coverage differences.

While Melania Trump was scolded for spending money on high-quality products like a Hermes purse known to keep its worth, Jill Biden’s notorious stockings were covered as a head-turner that everyone should go out and buy.

Melania has received several accusations from the media over the years, but this time she is being criticized for remaining silent. The former First Lady is, as usual, more restrained. Former President Donald Trump said on Truth Social in the days after the Mar-a-Lago raid that the FBI left his wife’s wardrobe in ruins.

The media won’t let the former first lady Melania Trump rest while she continues to live a private life centered on her family. They ought to pay attention to the messages she has sent to the public and the legacy of her Be Best campaign.




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