Former Biden Official Sam Brinton ARRESTED

Sam Brinton, an activist who was initially selected by Joe Biden for a significant nuclear role but later removed due to repeated incidents of stealing women’s clothing from airports, has been captured as a “fugitive from justice.”

According to The Daily Wire, Montgomery County, Maryland police arrested Brinton at their home on Wednesday. Currently, they are in custody and being held without the option for bail.

According to information provided by a neighbor to The Daily Wire, four officers arrived at Brinton’s residence the previous night, preventing their spouse, Kevin, from leaving. After approximately an hour, Brinton was taken away by the officers while handcuffed. On Thursday afternoon, Brinton is scheduled to appear before Judge Victor Del Pino for a hearing.

The term “fugitive from justice” typically refers to someone who is evading arrest or trying to avoid facing legal proceedings for alleged criminal activities. In Brinton’s case, it suggests that they were attempting to escape the legal consequences of their actions by avoiding capture and refusing to attend court proceedings.

In December, Brinton resigned from their position after being charged with multiple theft offenses. They were accused of stealing luggage worth thousands of dollars from two airports, leading to felony theft charges. As a result, Brinton was placed on leave from the Department of Energy and was scheduled to appear in court on December 19th. If found guilty, they could have faced a potential prison sentence of up to five years.

In 2022, the Department of Energy confirmed that Brinton was no longer employed but did not disclose whether they were fired or resigned. Several GOP lawmakers, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, and Louie Gohmert, called for Brinton’s removal, citing legal violations and concerns about the appointment priorities of the Biden Administration. Brinton’s departure granted the lawmakers’ requests and exposed them to the possibility of a significant prison term.




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