Former Anti-Trumper Has CHANGE OF HEART – Donates Thousands

The MAGA movement is becoming more influential.

Stan Pate, the owner of BPH Properties, gave $500,000 to MAGA Inc, a Super PAC made up of supporters of Donald Trump.

A $500,000 contribution from BPH Properties, an Alabama-based company run by real estate tycoon Luther S. Pate, IV, who also goes by the name Stan Pate, was the most recent significant individual donation, outside of the $40 million from Save America in November. According to state business records, Pate is the president of BPH Properties.

Just days before the November midterm elections, Pate posted pictures of Trump and himself on the Facebook page of the Alabama businessman. The midterm elections on Tuesday, voter fraud, stolen elections, 2024, and other topics were among the highlights of Pate’s conversation with Trump when he was present at his exclusive club Mar-a-Lago, according to a post he made on November 5. 

According to the FEC report, the pro-Trump PAC got the donation from BPH Properties on November 9, just four days after Pate released the pictures.

Two satirical full-page advertisements that ran last week in Mexico and Korea, two countries without an electoral vote in the 2016 election, were created by millionaire Tuscaloosa real estate entrepreneur Stan Pate.

We The People Foundation, Pate’s anti-Trump political action organization, paid for a full-page advertisement in the Mexican newspaper El National on Sunday. The advertisement included a fictitious invoice from Trump to the Mexican government for his stunning border wall.




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