Florida AG Tears Biden A New One Over Border Crisis

Ashley Moody, the attorney general of Florida, came out swinging for the fences against the Biden administration, blasting them for their utter failure to handle the border crisis and warning that things are spiraling out of control and threatening the stability of our structure and civilized society.

Moody said in an interview, “I was personally there and watched them come in, wave, smile, walk right up to law enforcement, knowing that they’re just going to get processed and released into the United States. And those are just the ones that we are intercepting. It is an incredibly dangerous drug. You can overdose just by having contact with someone and inhaling it or touching your face after you’ve touched it on someone else.”

The attorney general then cited a case in which West Point cadets overdosed on a narcotic that, according to local law enforcement, was a combination of cocaine and fentanyl.

Since July 4th, there have been two mass overdose events, one of which occurred in Hillsborough County, where when police arrived, seven persons were unconscious due to fentanyl inside a convenience store. And during the course of a weekend, 19 people overdosed in Gaston County. Nine died. They saw no deaths in the previous year.

The incidents are connected to what is occurring at the southern border, continued Moody.

Drug costs are bottoming out because there is such an abundance of supply, she added, but household item prices are soaring in part due to supply difficulties.

In a conversation between two drug dealers that was recorded during surveillance in October 2020, one allegedly claimed that goods were drying up at the border, prices were skyrocketing, and nothing could enter. Moody detailed the conversation.

The Democratic Party is using the border issue as a tactic to try and increase voter turnout in time for the midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election, manipulating the demography of our country to guarantee they have all they need to maintain their hold on power indefinitely.




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