Fliers Cheer As Pilot Announces Decision To Void Mask Mandate

Shortly after a Florida federal judge overturned the Biden administration’s mask rule for flights, trains, and buses, airline cabins erupted in celebration as happy pilots notified passengers that they were free to remove their face coverings.

President Donald Trump’s appointment, Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, ruled on Monday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention failed to properly explain its mandate decision or follow proper regulatory procedures.

Pilots wasted little time in informing pandemic-weary passengers that they may remove their masks through intercoms, resulting in wild celebrations in the cabins.

Sen. Dan Sullivan’s (R-Alaska) press secretary, Ben Dietderich, shared a brief video of passengers applauding a similar statement from the flight deck.

“‘This is your pilot speaking, ladies and gentlemen. I’m about to make the most significant announcement I’ve ever made. The federal mask mandate is no longer in effect. If you want to, remove your mask! ‘The pilot said,’ according to Dietderich.

Passenger Rennie Cook shared a snapshot of his fellow passengers who were all smiling.

However, some people objected to the idea to allow travelers to remove their masks.

On Monday, civil rights attorney Scott Hechinger was flying from Florida to New York when the judge’s decision was revealed.

Walt Ecton, an assistant professor of education policy, detailed his strange experience: “On the plane, the pilot comes on over the intercom and explains that the federal mask rule is no longer in effect.”

Half of the plane cheers/high fives, he writes. The other half stews, masks on. Someone close to me begins to cry, visibly distressed.

Meanwhile, Saskia Popescu, a biodefense professor at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government, stated that covering up is vital in enclosed areas for long periods of time, citing an increase in COVID-19 cases.

 “People are still getting sick, going to hospitals, & dying. We need primary prevention, like masks and vaccines. Personally, I’ll continue to wear a mask on airplanes & public transportation,” Popescu added.

Last month, the CEOs of all major airlines urged the Biden administration to repeal the mask rule, claiming that it did not reflect the current circumstances.




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