First Lady Jill Biden Was Heckled By Protesters

“Your husband is the worst president we have ever had,” the first lady was confronted by a protester as she entered an ice cream shop alongside Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona (D).

Before Jill Biden entered the building, the protester repeated, “You owe us Gas Money,” before Jill Biden waved back and said, “Thank you.”

According to a recent Civiqs poll, the president’s overall popularity rating is presently at 30%, and just 34% of people think he is doing a good job in Connecticut.

On Wednesday, the first lady and Cardona were in Connecticut for a multi-state summer learning program trip that included stopped in Georgia and Michigan.

The tour’s objective was to raise awareness of how the American Rescue Plan supports summer learning opportunities for kids who missed school due to the epidemic.

She completed the trip in Detroit and Athens, Georgia, on Thursday despite being in close touch with the president, who tested positive for the coronavirus the following day. She tested negative afterwards.

The first lady left the White House after the tour and went to Wilmington, Delaware, leaving her husband behind.

The first lady didn’t appear to be wearing a mask when she spoke in Connecticut, but she was subsequently photographed doing so when on tour in Michigan and Georgia.

She recently got into trouble after making a comparison between Hispanic Americans and morning tacos. Later, she expressed regret for her statements.

Jill Biden’s dismal approval ratings now match those of her husband’s. According to a recent CNN/SSRS survey, she presently has a 34 percent approval rating, a 24 point decline from January 2021.




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