First Lady Biden Waves As Stadium Crowd Chants Against Her

First Lady Jill Biden’s visit to Lincoln Financial Field, the Philadelphia Eagles’ home stadium, was not well received.

Biden was raised in Hammonton, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia, and she is said to be a huge Philadelphia Eagles football fan. The Eagles’ game against their NFC East rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, took place on Sunday night, when the first lady served as an honorary captain.

As she attempted to lead the audience in screaming “Fly, Eagles, Fly,” Biden was unfortunately not well received by the supporters, who instead booed her vehemently and insulted her husband by chanting “F— Joe Biden.”

The first lady sung the team’s fight song in front of nearly 70,000 spectators while grinning and waving to the audience. On Twitter, NBC posted a footage of her performance but left out the jeers or other hostility directed at her.

While everything was going on, spectators heard yelling that clearly had nothing to do with the Eagles’ fight song.

Other spectators at the Philadelphia Eagles game claimed to have heard jeers and chants when Biden entered the field.

Clay Harbor, a former football player who spent three seasons with the Eagles after being selected by the organization in 2010, tweeted about the occurrence.

Joe Biden, the president, is supposedly a lifelong Eagles supporter. The president referred to fellow Eagles supporters as the world’s most knowledgeable and annoying fans in May 2021.

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, 26-17, to become the league’s lone unbeaten club.




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