Feinstein Falls at Home – Visits Hospital

On August 8th, the team of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein from California revealed that she experienced a fall at her residence, prompting her prompt transfer to a medical facility for assessment. A representative for the 90-year-old senator shared via email with NBC News that she spent nearly two hours under medical observation during her hospitalization.

The spokesperson stated in the email that Feinstein’s hospital visit was a “precautionary” measure following a “minor” household fall. The representative further mentioned that she underwent scans and confirmed that the results were unremarkable. After these examinations, Feinstein was able to “return to her residence.”

The initial report of Feinstein’s fall came from TMZ, which indicated that the 90-year-old senator stumbled and fell at her San Francisco residence. The outlet highlighted that while it was established she went to the nearest hospital, it remains uncertain if any injuries were sustained.

Throughout this year, the well-being of the senator has been under close scrutiny due to her absence of three months from work following a hospitalization due to shingles. While certain Democratic leaders have urged her to step down from her position, Feinstein and her team have firmly declined this proposition, affirming her intention to continue her senatorial role until her term concludes in 2025. Subsequently, she plans to retire from the realm of politics.

In accordance with a report by the Associated Press, if Feinstein were to resign prior to the upcoming election for her seat, the responsibility of appointing her successor in the Senate would fall upon California Governor Gavin Newsom. In 2021, the governor expressed his intent to nominate a Black woman to take Feinstein’s place if she eventually decides to vacate her position.




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