FBI’s Shady Behavior at Mar-a-Lago Caught on Security Cameras

The son of former President Donald Trump, Eric Trump, on Wednesday provided fresh information on the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Eric Trump said in an interview with the Daily Mail that FBI agents first refused to provide Trump’s lawyers a copy of the search warrant that allowed them to raid Mar-a-Lago in pursuit of supposedly secret materials that were reportedly kept there.

Eric claims that as FBI officers inspected the property, they had Trump attorney Christina Bobb wait at the end of the Mar-a-Lago road.

Eric said that the request to turn off the security cameras was ignored by Mar-a-Lago workers. Eric said that video evidence supports his claim that FBI agents were caught exploring sections of the property they shouldn’t have been.

Bobb has verified Eric Trump’s assertions.

The search warrant was finally shown to her, she said in an interview on Tuesday, after FBI officials originally declined to do so. However, the probable cause that prompted a federal magistrate court to authorize the request was kept a secret by the investigators.

Insinuating that the federal authorities may have had ulterior motives for the raid, Bobb condemned the warrant as being flimsy.

The Justice Department has declined to make any public statements on the raid, which has led to widespread speculation. So, information obtained through law enforcement channels directs the story.

One DOJ source who talked to Newsweek, for instance, called the raid a spectacular backfire because, despite the FBI’s best efforts to keep it low-key, it energized Republicans and sparked claims that the Justice Department had become militarized.




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