Father Arrested After Going Maskless To Baseball Game Learns His Fate

Last year, a parent named Chad Hummel was detained and charged for attending his son’s outdoor baseball game without a mask.

Going without a mask was considered criminal trespassing in Rochester, New York, and he faced up to 90 days in prison.

If he was found guilty, Hummel, who is an attorney, might lose his professional license.

Following a four-hour bench trial, a judge acquitted Hummel of the allegations.

Hummel has since stated that he intends to sue the district over the event and the board’s decision to bar him from using district property.

According to accounts, this threatened to preclude Hummel from attending his son’s graduation ceremony.

According to a news statement, “Mr. Hummel is pleased with the verdict and he is thankful for the Court‘s thoughtful legal Decision. Hummel cannot elaborate on their identity or the nature of the untrue testimony as he prepares for the civil lawsuit to come and believes that the civil litigation is the appropriate forum for that truth to come out.”

When the trial began, throngs of supporters greeted Hummel as he entered the courthouse. They allegedly began chanting “No more masks, no more masks” repeatedly.

In response to the school’s coronavirus instructions on masks at games, he wrote a nine-page cease and desist letter to the athletic director, stating that he would refuse to wear a mask to the games.




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