Far-Left DA Policy Helps Criminal Illegal Aliens Dodge Deportation

Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced on Friday that she will leave the Democratic Party and officially sign up as an independent in Arizona.

Sinema announced the move in a video on Friday.

Democrats in Arizona added they were not going to argue with Republicans.

This is to end radical Democrats and filibusters, dump America-hating Marxists to the Supreme Court, and pardon the tens of millions of illegal immigrants who flood across the US-Mexico border. 

Radical far-left Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has announced a new policy to help criminal illegal aliens avoid deportation.

He urged prosecutors to consider the adverse consequences for immigrants while prosecuting illegal immigrants for crimes.

The policy says Los Angeles County prosecutors should examine the possible effect of criminal charges on the immigration condition of criminal suspects.

The memo allegedly suggests that prosecutors should avoid adding criminal enhancements that would transform an otherwise immigration-neutral charge into an immigration damaging one and should instead aim to employ rehabilitation services, such as plea agreements, to help illegal aliens escape deportation.

The guidance also states that criminal illegal aliens should provide the DA’s office with information about adverse immigration consequences.

“All charging determinations shall be undertaken with the goal of avoiding or mitigating the adverse immigration consequences of a decision when known… Under these circumstances and when, consistent with public safety alternatives to filing charges exist, those alternatives shall be pursued.”

Critics of the mandate have claimed that it violates the Constitution by establishing a two-tiered system of justice that grants special privileges to people based on their immigration status.




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