Facebook Backtracks After Locking Ad Account of Conservative Kids’ Books Publisher

Facebook has reinstated the ads account of Heroes of Liberty after having previously ”permanently disabled” the conservative children’s book publisher’s ad account for failing to comply with its ”low quality or disruptive content” policy.

Bethany S. Mandel, who founded Heroes and Liberty and published its first imprints in mid-November, announced Facebook initial ban Monday on Twitter.

The company began investing in Facebook advertising in July, Mandel said, and the majority of its efforts were focused there. Now, it has no access to its audience or to their data.

”We had a number of negative comments on the posts and we think they reported our content,” she said. ”They were triggered by a children’s book that portrays Ronald Reagan as a hero. But this was not their decision. It was Facebook’s decision, they went along with them it seems.”

The first three books published are biographies of Reagan, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and conservative thinker Thomas Sowell.

The books are aimed as alternatives to others offered for children on bookshelves, including ”The ABCs of AOC,” ”The Little Book of Little Activists,” ”Woke Baby” and ”Daddy and Dada.”

”We saw a hole in the children’s book market and the children’s book industry is really taken over by progressive woke ideology,” Mandel told the Daily Mail. ”You can see that if you just go to a Barnes and Noble and look at their children’s book selection, it’s very obsessed with gender.”




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